Dove’s New Self-Image Ad Sends Powerful Message

Dove has recently released a new ad campaign that sends a powerful message about women’s self-image across the country.  The video is very touching, striving to prove the point that women are often much too hard on themselves and their appearance.

Seated at a drafting table with his back to his subject, the artist, Gil Zamora, asks the women a series of questions about their features. “Tell me about your chin,” he says in the soft voice reminiscent of a therapist’s. Crow’s feet, big jaws, protruding chins and dark circles are just some of the many physical features that women criticized about themselves.

After he finishes a drawing of a woman, he then draws another sketch of the same woman, only this time it is based on how someone else describes her. The sketches are then hung side by side and the women are asked to compare them. In every instance, the second sketch is more flattering than the first.

At the video’s conclusion, the women reflect on how their image of themselves affects their lifestyle choices, how they treat others, and how others treat them.  Although the video is undoubtedly an advertisement, it has made an impact on the Internet that not many others have.

The video, shot in a loft in San Francisco, has become a sensation online. The three-minute version has been viewed more than 7.5 million times on the Dove YouTube channel, and the version that is twice as long has been viewed more than 936,000 times.

More than 2,000 people “liked” the video on the Dove Facebook page and more than 1,000 have shared it.  It’s lovely to see a video with a powerful message to women receiving so much attention- we need an injection of positivity now and then.

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