I Brave the Cherry Blossom Festival in the Name of my Photography Skills

I have met a surprising number of fantastic photographers in the time that I’ve lived in the District.  Recently one of my favorites, Naiffer Romero, whom I work with at All Things Fashion DC was featured on Vogue Italia’s website, pulled me aside to gently tell me that I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to photography- which I respect and know myself to be true.

You’ll remember that I posted not too long ago that I bought a camera and was making sure that I took the time to know how to use it properly.  I have indeed figured out the basic functions, thankfully.  And so I dragged mon bel homme off to the Tidal Basin to snap some shots of the Cherry Blossom Festival (one of my all-time favorite events in DC).  Don’t judge me too harshly!!

2013-04 Cherry Blossom Festival 2

Some blossoms pour vous

2013-04 Cherry Blossom Festival 3

Fleurs de cerisier et le mémorial

2013-04 Cherry Blossom Festival 4

Mon bel homme

2013-04 Cherry Blossom Festival 5

les touristes

2013-04 Cherry Blossom Festival 7

Le bassin de marée

2013-04 Cherry Blossom Festival 8

fleurs de cerisier et Washington Monument

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