Things You Need To Know: OUTspoken Needs Your Support

During New York Fashion Week in February I was fortunate to make a lot of new friends who were also old friends of mon bel homme.  They were fantastically kind, very charming, and made wonderful company.  They took me on tours of Marie Claire, showed me how to take the L train to Brooklyn, and they showed me more amazing places in New York than I could have hoped for.  (Seriously- look for the ‘Save the Date’ cards announcing the nuptials between myself and Eataly very soon).

It was in Brooklyn at the très stylish Wythe Hotel roof bar that I met Phillip Miner- a man on a mission.  Over some cocktails, we discussed the words that have informed society that being gay means being effeminate, being a pervert, and being alone.  After some intense research, Phil has become quite the expert on this vocabulary, it’s origins, and it’s impact on the gay community.  Armed with this knowledge, he’s decided to turn this lexicon on it’s head- through fashion.

Image Credit: OUTspoken

Image Credit: OUTspoken

He approached Joe Sinness to create art based on the history/mythology surrounding these terms.  Joe came back with the artwork and the two realized they were on to something.   After throwing around ideas, drafts, and sketches, Joe put his art on a tank top.  They showed their friends the prototypes and it became clear they had stumbled upon something missing from the apparel for gay men that was currently available- and so OUTspoken was born.

At OUTspoken, they’re  tired of words telling them who they are, and they think it’s time we took charge.  They’ve pledged to create products that re-appropriate gay identity through clever design.  You can find more details on the venture on Kickstarter, where you can also donate to their start-up costs.

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