Politics and Fashion Collide in Vogue’s Editorial Notes

It’s not all that often that my two separate worlds of politics/government and fashion collide, but when I opened this months Vogue I was very amused at this Editorial Note from last month’s issue about poor Mr. Baer whom I imagine was NOT happy about being labeled as an interior designer when he no doubt is quite an accomplished statesman to have such an important position at the Department of State.

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  1. You seem to indicate that being mis-identified as an interior designer was akin to an insult, is there another profession that would have been less onerous…

    • Woah, easy killer. I did not indicate that it was an insult to be identified as an interior designer, I stated that it was amusing that Vogue had labeled Baer as an interior designer which is quite different from his actual job of representing the United States as a diplomat.

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